About Me

Front End Developer

I am a Front End Developer based in Vancouver. I am passionate about web technologies. I am currently studying Software Developement at BCIT. I was looking for further studies. After attending BCIT's info session and doing more research in comptuting programs in 2018, I have decided to enroll in the Software Systems Developer program which gives intensive hands on practical experience of developing web and mobile apps. I have been acquiring new skills, knowledge and comprehension necessity of creating a project or product.

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Some of My Works

Front End Application
Google Book API
Front End Application
React-Database API
Front End Application
React Protfolio Project
Full Stack Web Application
which allows user to create and share their giftlist
Built with React, .Net Core
Full Stack Application
Trademark registration web application which fetches data from Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).
React, Material UI, Net Core